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Segovia#110: HOME


   Welcome to Segovia, Spain!



Venue: Juan Bravo Theater 


Our hosts for Segovia#110:

Lucía Jiménez & Benito Sagredo 


Our last winner:

Blas Canto - "El no soy yo"

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How to play

To take part in this virtual music contest you have to:

  • equationCREATE a free Webs account, or just SIGN IN if you already have one.
  • Choose the country you want to represent. We support players representing their homeland, but if it's already taken you can also play for another free country (go to our page called COUNTRIES).
  • Check the calendar and then submit your song. Use this FORM.
  • Read the RULES carefully. If you've sent an entry, but for some reason you can't vote, contact the admins before the VOTING DAYS (to avoid a disqualification in current and following edition).

Upcoming Events


Song submission = 26th Apr- 5th May

Presentation of contest = 12th May


Video show semifinals = 13th - 15th May

Recap Semis + BIG3 = 16th May

Voting Days Semis = 17th - 22nd May

Semifinal Results = 23rd May


Recap Final = 24th May

Voting Days Final = 25th - 30th May

Final Results = 31st May


Next edition will have the same dates in June.

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